“Passion Sample”

Love means different things to different people
I don’t know what you mean
All I can do is tell you what I think
Please don’t run away

I, want your mind
I, want your time
I, don’t want to hurt you in any way
I, want to be your emotional safe

You’ve heard this before I know
What makes me different than all the rest
Too heartbroken and sensitive for betrayal
Care too much to put you through hell
I want the same things you want
Passion, understanding, communication, compassion, honesty, unity, you and me, kisses below and above knees

I, want to be with you
I, want to be inside your mind
Even when you pee
Dreams when you sleep
Dreams during the day
When your favorite songs play
When your fingers go astray
See me

Try me, accept my love
Want me, imagine my fingers on your face
Knowing I want your pain erased
Try me
Oh try me out
Hold me
See what I am talking about
If I lie
Say goodbye
Say goodnight
Out of sight but try me first

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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