“Failing To Rise”

Failing taunts me
It knows my name
If I knew some day I’ll make it
The pain wouldn’t be so bad

I’m a man unafraid to admit I’m scared
Earning sufficient income seems scarce
Hard headed children when they come around profits are bare

Everyone has a different view
I just want to provide for those I love
Second and other chances dry
So see death flirts with me, winked eyes

Terrorists don’t scare me much
Government ripping lives up
I’m scared of staying poor
Trying to rise yet beaten to the floor
Scared that the Suicide Siren will sing
Smiling unprepared will I give her everything

If only I knew I will make it
Surrender wouldn’t be flirting with me so hard

My fear is failing you
That disappointment tattooed on your face
Knowing it is my fault
We won’t even place in this race
Shame on me
Tears run free
How can I look at you the same again

To ignore the sting
Uncertainty whispering again
Calling my name
Pretending to be humane
Some sick joke or game
Eating away
At my heart, we die of broken ones
Unable to have sufficient funds

I’m so afraid of wiping us out
Removing all doubts that I shouldn’t be here
Oh, I rather leave
Than recieve another eviction notice
Is it any wonder no frequent coitus

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