“Hair Palm”

Watching videos
Fake but they look excited
Naughty scenes for lonely nights
Don’t judge until you are as lonely as I am
Body right next to me
Might as well be across oceans
Empty hours

I don’t care about the perfect bodies on the screen
I care about the fact they seem happy to please
No excuses stacked upon each other
She lays in bed fully ignorant

I’ve been searching, looking out for passion
She doesn’t care about the time she throws away
Time is wasting and I want my inches and tongue used
Instead of the same old sex drought marriage blues

She makes me sorry that I said I do
I’ll never tell but I’m feeling so damn stuck
Looking at videos instead of the real thing
A body laying beside me sound asleep, while I gently weep
Just hands and me tonight
Like hundreds of other nights

If not thousands

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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