“Bottom Corners”

Down in the basement wrapped in darkness isolated

Rocking back and forth unable to move surrounded

Shadows and events some real others imagined

Battling conversations and some of them never happened

Wanting to reach out for daylight prevented by fear

The worse attack received is being forced to look into a mirror


Beating self against every wall calling it worthless

Cliché nobody loves me or cares playing on repeat

Almost ready to give the body to anyone interested

Just to feel an emotion past loneliness

Seconds and hours mock slapping eyes watching them pass

Dreaming of a white room with dark tar swallowing hope fast


The bottom of emotion, sitting in the corner asking why

Everyone around us cares about money as our bodies break down and die

Promising Heaven after we pass on, it sounds so pretty and so nice

So they tell us to suffer here and now while cleaning everyone out

You believe whatever they tell you now unable to fight

If they really loved you they would tell you to live your life now, Instead of six feet down


Telling the depressed it is all their fault pain is in

How many days find a vulnerable mind silent

Wishing for help blocked by money, circumstances, or denial

Loved ones that should aid are confused and some even blame the victim

Government locks up hurting minds  instead of choosing to listen


Easy to say if you need anything to call but will they really hear

Or I’ll pray for you discard your pills nothing is really wrong

Looking at windows feeling disconnected

Stuck in bed wishing to sleep twenty-four hours

Feeling unworthy of any love shown

Always caught in mental rain without an umbrella


It is not your imagination

It is not something you want

Circumstances around you may never change

But please try to check your thoughts

Please try to distinguish reality from emotions

You have to care about yourself even though you don’t want to

Stop beating yourself against brick walls

If I insulted you would you fight back

Do the same to those thoughts calling you worthless

Try and try again to climb out of the premature grave built for you


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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