“Goodbye Accuser”

Goodbye I left

Now you have the time to process

Blame me for your lack of progress

I’m not the cause of your mental mess

Unable to sleep at night call it unrest

Queen of punishing yourself with stress

No one can do it better than self


Here go the angry posts

Telling everyone I’m evil plus most

Likely to enjoy a toast after a boast

Cooking up trouble slowly like a tender roast

Movie star and should have starred in ghost

I’m not the web server where your anger file calls home host


Leading to unpleasant sensations

Lack of trust causing complications

She nicknamed me asshole or satan

Done with waiting for any type of mature statements

 Moving on


I’m just like the others right?

You recognize all things and every thought so why should I speak

I let you shake your head assuming I’m weak until you wake up

Most of the issues are yours to have already set us up for failure

Before I even spoke I was guilty

Every word she heard was intercepted then converted

Into all men are the same and behind the scenes he must playing hidden games

Here I am trying to show something new but you took my words turning them into manure, poo poo

Immature right?

Welcome to your mind when your mistranslate my lines

Did me a favor opening my eyes before I gave my heart totally the ultimate prize

Refusing to listen and study me so maybe you belong where you are, stay away from me

Until your vision isn’t experienced through a heart damaged severely

Your enemy is in the mirror, thinking love away

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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