“Ramen Noodles & Toilet Paper”

Buying dollar toilet paper and Ramen noodles with rent money

Feces no longer solid so yeah that means runny until EBT hit

Working but without income to pay bills and now higher education gives the chills

Government getting rich off interest rates instead of assisting the people to get great

Diploma but still working at Walmart being told to work as three people and shut up

Managers can’t even cope catch ’em at the party doing dope

We are walking around trying to find reasons for hope

I, find it hard to stay positive when I’ve ran out of fucks to give

Actually I have too many so this is why my mind is sensitive for all people

I don’t believe in any god so programmed people call me evil

If I were in charge you wouldn’t be looking for a sequel to this life

Humans wouldn’t be dying for lack of paper and wouldn’t get murdered for denying the local savior

Poverty can lead you to get in line or it can allow you to take the time and stop

Ask what is really going on in 1864 in god we trust appeared on a two cent coin


Today stop blaming poor folks when religious business is where all our money is going

Installing backdoors disguised as answers in the people questioning it soon to be illegal

I refused to tell my children Santa Clause exists when they tried to correct me I simply said this

Fine I won’t buy anything and see what happens Christmas came no presents were available

The pondered why, they tell children to sleep so thieves can pass by, undetected

Greydon Square said that’s why they teach you when you’re young because grownups asking questions isn’t fun

Store you treasures with me and when you pass I’ll multiply them times infinity sounds like a pyramid scheme

Even questioning the purpose gets you murdered overseas and still most are unaware

If I was your god rape wouldn’t be here

Violated in silence speaking up gets you the phrase all in his plan even my enemies shouldn’t be so damned, condemned

How can you believe in an unseen peace when somebody died from starvation while reading this piece?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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