“In A Locked View”

No one cares echoed in her mind
I asked who told such a lie
She said her reflection whispered it at night
Years of believing jealous liars
Unable or unwilling to put out the fires her self esteem burned down As I cared she turned away  running is how she chose to stay

Who told you your love isn’t good enough to be seen and enjoyed?

Who told your eyes are shadows when I see light enforced and deployed?

Who keeps shame written on your heart?

Years ago bullies beat her mind
She just wanted to feel safe and alive
They hated her smiles as they were not vain
Happiness would get her teased again
Twenty years later
The mental violence continued to go on in her eyes love wasn’t home
No matter how many times I tried to hug it away the castle walls around her heart kept emotions locked security gate safe

I hope she doesn’t stay inside forever
One day I hope she’ll open my sent letters and know I care

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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