“Entrance To Heart”

Candles (Photo credit: magnuscanis)

How far would you go just to see my smile and have it with you tonight?

Don’t be ashamed of how close to insanity love feels as the line is thin

We say things that are so cliché like oh distance and lack of money doesn’t matter

But why does another night find us apart

Fighting our feelings wasting time trying to ignore the obvious answers

I don’t want to be the last resort, the last person you come to when choices fail

Looking into your eyes feeling wanted for just the current emergency

What do we know of each other as we hold back afraid of showing all

Thinking yes I trust you from a safe location, a place where I can retreat just in case

I’ve already made love to you in my mind so many times

Each time I feel more wanted than the last, more open to abandoning what I know for what I don’t

With uncertainty staring at me I am still willing to leave everything to pass away with you

Communication is difficult; I am a stranger willing to step into the world of another stranger

My vocabulary fails me as I suffer, trying to find some way of not embarrassing myself in your thoughts of me

Structure? What sentence structure is acceptable for saying I want to leave my world for yours

As fucked up as both of our worlds are, I want to be in whatever world your touch is in

Don’t insult me by worrying about my acceptance of complications and unknown emotions you have

Let me decide to be with you unconditionally, let me cast my life away to be with you on my own terms

The future is unwritten so how do you know that our mistakes will overtake us?

You are a mind reader unable to read my mind; a lover unable to love me and my desire for you

I am afraid that you want my smile and desire for you without me

Do you know how scary this is? Thinking you want everything about me except for me?

A candle burning wildly ignorant of my heart dripping like wax away

I’m just happy to be burning for a reason, for a love with so much potential

A love so strong isn’t going to last long in this world, it is too strong

After a long night of passion I may die in my sleep smiling kind of love

Too bright for eyes kind of love

Still dying while I feel your skin and mind is a death I’ve been dreaming of even in my childhood

Understanding that love is the best way for my story to end

Before my time I hope that one day you will decipher how much I was ready to give

Never insulting you or disrespecting you, I was seeing something no one else saw in you, not even you

Yeah, even you fight against me calling me mistaken for choosing you and when I’m gone

When our distance cannot be measured, my words will wrap you in comfort knowing that someone wanted the bad and good

Someone really wanted you for you, right where you were, fragile and scared, broken but able to be repaired

Imaginations can contain beauty and new life finally defeating nightmares and loneliness

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