“Black Parents Do Things Like”

Black Parents Do Things Like

Like all other races do

Momma fighting in South Carolina

People spit on us emotionally for showing up black

Before you get ready to ride on some white folks

Most of my long nights were trying to understand black quotes

When all I wanted to be was friendly some black folks sent me to the corner for thinking differently

Like other races they praised a god on Sunday, tried to beat my ass on Monday

Luckily being unbalanced provided me with tools

People never knew my finishing move was a #2 pencil planning to stab out eyes

Rehearsed saying with a smile I’m the last  person you’ll see

Meanwhile mom was working a job or three

Pissed that she had to get government assistance she refused for a while

Taking off work to stand in a line for over four hours in the heat

Fuck you and welfare queen dreams we laughed and screamed

Days and nights of crying when no one was around

When I caught her stab wounds internally found in my heart

Mother if I only knew that you were all alone

I wouldn’t have acted so crazy doing things so shady

Now I understand looking into my kids eyes scared of them getting shot for being alive

Or put in prison due to failure to pay

Have you seen your mother die holding on to her beliefs

Telling me her god is calling her home but that bastard couldn’t even help her pay her phone

No matter the colors I end up with no one can ever dirty black for me

Crying while my mom was telling me to pray.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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