“Dry Sheets”

I want to be intimate daily with mind and hands

Tongues and genitalia

Winks and words


But she waits on the perfect time and conditions

While I slip away to the window and look elsewhere

Then I close the blinds with my head down

I wish passion stopped living in the need category


A friend said I talk about sex too much

Look into eyes being vulnerable

Making private noises and gasping for air

Bodily fluids and hands intertwined

Kissing lips above and below enjoying such tastes

Why wouldn’t I think about reciprocated pleasure


Perhaps I should just keep it all inside

Even better I should discard arousal with the complications it brings

I thought it as a need but in my darkness it just banes me

Videos online of people being cherished and carefree

While I find my hand and loneliness again

Feeling empty after the personal interlude

Someone could use this love


Rings on fingers mean nothing

Conversations that never produce

Beds with two people in them apart

I cry while she sleeps peacefully

Even in love we do not touch

There is no time she says like this isn’t a need

While she stares at a box of entertainment wasting hour after hour day after day

She presents a list of requirements before sex is even considered for consideration

So I am exposed to being touched by someone


There is no one


Judge my loneliness as you please but I am human

I need interaction even in my faults

And again I find my needs for intimacy rejected

The words are said but love is not here the way it should

Humiliation shows up instead and invites me into bed

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