Interview & Publication


Hello, Thank you for reading and following me. I have been under this WordPress site for 8 years today, and we've all grown together. Even in the last few months, you can see changes in what I write. I come with exciting news regarding an interview and publication this month. The Interview is with the … Continue reading Interview & Publication

Garbage Post: Move On Friend

A mutual agreement, two little boxes. Putting each other away, time to settle losses. Brighter days are here, let's put away our old ones, it's past time. Never thought I'd pack reminders of you but I must. / Six miles shouldn't turn into seven, questions upon questions we're kidding, tell me why we should remain … Continue reading Garbage Post: Move On Friend

Garbage Post: Panic Comfort Room

Comfort zone retreat You stay, never wanting to leave But I want to see you Communicating closed, until it's late Tied up, until you're bored Easy sailing aboard Simple ways and life, away In that easy comfort zone, challenges are contained Better not, step out, or else, risks might soil your shirt Stay, but I'm … Continue reading Garbage Post: Panic Comfort Room

Repeat Horror Show

Greatest lie These days don't matter Believe it then waste time Rolling eyes unraveling ties There are better days Stupid fear in the way Feeling out of place Lukewarm and unwanted pace Greatest lie You'll need to be beside me Or these days don't matter Greatest lie God is indifferent while rolling his eyes Cares … Continue reading Repeat Horror Show

Empty Dining Space

Finally apparent why you are my shelter Fortress where I should rest and recover Empty everywhere else although loud noises and flashes rage Open doors just dressed up cages God I don't want illusions touching me Promising packed plates of vanity pride filing The weed sex food liquor entertainment failed Big promises empty endings after … Continue reading Empty Dining Space

Garbage Post: Last Season Dropped Salt

Point my dirty fingers at your heart Swear you're the reason I feel lost Make you responsible but these are my parts We've had so many runs all seem like false starts Every I love you sounds good then departs never lasting long on the charts Picking up where we left off last season dropped … Continue reading Garbage Post: Last Season Dropped Salt