3 & 9

Sidewalk dweller dreaming up several floating devices while simultaneously beating himself up for wanting a better home Strangers walk by, conversations with some while night reminds of destitution in poetry searching diligently for grace touched absolution - Writing on anything words can be seen from, dealt cards, no earphones still tunes play as lines line … Continue reading 3 & 9

Loved Bandana

Tonight I put all away Hopes held past dates With loud feelings wrapping tightly Silence is what I hear when big deals settle down Emotional bullies with strengthened pulleys Waving hands directing misleading snapshots Picture figuratively an adhesive struggle Until figurative finally figures it out I'm not stuck Could and should pull away Full recovery … Continue reading Loved Bandana

Untie That Special Tie

Preparing for life without Believe I've been gazing drifting off a lot Thought certain people and places part of an anchor Silly man with leaky plans Finally accepting defeat loss of friend Should concentrate harder instead my goodbye isn't ready quite yet But I work on it every time I wish you could stay Putting … Continue reading Untie That Special Tie