Interview & Publication


Hello, Thank you for reading and following me. I have been under this WordPress site for 8 years today, and we've all grown together. Even in the last few months, you can see changes in what I write. I come with exciting news regarding an interview and publication this month. The Interview is with the … Continue reading Interview & Publication

Church Member On The Back Pew

God says, focus on the solution instead of the problem. Drifting mind on a low raft, mighty splashes come to overrun. God tell me how fear has helped me through, not at all you'll say, trust my love always. God tell me what has changed inside of fear, what good has appeared doubting? / Every … Continue reading Church Member On The Back Pew

4th Day On The Track

The biggest enemy never rests have me beating bold chest saying I matter I'm the best why show up for school I've passed every test don't need confession always clean what's a mess Negative and hazy possibly lazy especially in habits performed daily arms feel feeble connected simultaneously disconnected from people need more time with … Continue reading 4th Day On The Track

Weighted Handkerchief For Judy

Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I wake up and feel like letting everyone go. Get out of my life, erased, I don't know you anymore. Dropping every connection, it's too painful playing, saying, I'll invest in the unknown smiles of strangers who are now friends. It's ridiculous how I've been, see everyone I know, leaves in end … Continue reading Weighted Handkerchief For Judy