You Won’t Tell Her To Sit Down.

Flipped up or down our switches missing each other until now Come through anything holding you back stand tall and react invited wherever I am full permission Held hands meaningful symbolic sexy thoughtful gentle frolic lovingly playful When I said I love, do you feel unifying energy constantly in our presence Romance books automatically installed … Continue reading You Won’t Tell Her To Sit Down.

Calls Through Nightmares

Oftentimes they'd see feet running off Afraid of encountered days can't look directly no matter the greeting Scared of being swallowed but a shell's best protection efforts don't work Bizarre attempts following through, pick up a shovel for a week, abandon it expecting greater returns Aiming wildly degraded sight, firing without any accuracy forever Nightmare … Continue reading Calls Through Nightmares

Introverted Band Shadows

Writing suspenseful drama in brown paper bag under my bed. Characters made up from real I'm creating dialogue from Hollywood themed shadows. Swear I'm clogged honey can't feel complete potential so I bury my body under six feet of blankets afraid of every sudden sound. Chasing after non-existent grips to hold while walking through cognitive … Continue reading Introverted Band Shadows