Interview & Publication


Hello, Thank you for reading and following me. I have been under this WordPress site for 8 years today, and we've all grown together. Even in the last few months, you can see changes in what I write. I come with exciting news regarding an interview and publication this month. The Interview is with the … Continue reading Interview & Publication

Candle Instrumental And Cold Dinners

As soon as the world is better, right after your obligations to everyone else are completed, then I can have all of you My dreams tell me to leave, tell me you're here in a different world, and I'm stuck holding your civilian clothes, super heart beloved Tell me you'll be right back again, and … Continue reading Candle Instrumental And Cold Dinners

Page 41 Chapter 6

My favorite book Tucked inside resting eyelids Sitting with my brain dating and waiting She's beautiful to read I GASP Laughing in public alone while connected Playing with my well, how deep and still present my best Her pages breath fully, chest high glued to pages If yall only knew how our pens kiss papers … Continue reading Page 41 Chapter 6