Garbage Mind Tint

Lord, I have garbage in my head on repeat, it's like with every second they attempt maneuvers to mistreat Currently I'm feeling so weak but I don't feel hopeless in the valley shadow named bleak, paid programming for pointless infomercials wasteful spots these commercials ruin everything God I'm so ashamed and embarrassed of the lack … Continue reading Garbage Mind Tint

Bent Walking Stick

Do I cause headaches with my actions and words Stubborn and haphazard man kind of reporting for duty And I remember depression was a microscope inside my head Believing my efforts and prayers indefinitely immediately dead Looking out of windows thinking all bullet points of points were lost Thinking God thought I was a complete … Continue reading Bent Walking Stick

Warm Milk With A Cookie

Crazy battles and toys that rattle but no answers come from dreams Wasted shows with dead ends that fold no point in what's told in dreams People from the past in scenes not meant to last always dead broke with no cash in my dreams No breakthroughs at all pointless insights sleeping long falls motivation … Continue reading Warm Milk With A Cookie