Snow Kisses Of Passing

Perishing in snow Covered in insignificance As a coat , No contact Unknown whereabouts Laying face flat , Last thought stream Perfect metaphoric ending Cold and dying , I exclaim her name then realize we aren't serious Ice made me double damned silly delirious She blew snow in my mind while whispering how I shouldn't … Continue reading Snow Kisses Of Passing

Bookworm Bookmark Desires

Book and window woman Read into my lines, please I want to be your favorite fantastic fantasy The character you relate to and seek Miss your alarms yelling because of me. * Open these pages carefully I'm totally exposed Maybe stupid like teeth through thorns to hold a rose Nevertheless, here I am. * Build … Continue reading Bookworm Bookmark Desires

Crushes On Monsters

Anyone out there with sorrows wrapped around tender neck without permission? Told you're loved but find yourself separated as loved ones and lovers say it pretty without any action. Oh, I'm sexy huh? Oh, I'm funny? With every joke on me. This life, obstacles and dreams, ego and spiritual places, rage, and forgiveness, wrapped in … Continue reading Crushes On Monsters