Interview & Publication


Hello, Thank you for reading and following me. I have been under this WordPress site for 8 years today, and we've all grown together. Even in the last few months, you can see changes in what I write. I come with exciting news regarding an interview and publication this month. The Interview is with the … Continue reading Interview & Publication

System Map Experts

Carefully compiled table of contents, all good intentions with opportunities for improvement, Loved portions and segments I prefer to hide, drawn to light, kite, given to the sky out in the open. / Can't look away at all don't want to stray, could be caught in power lines, shocked, When I choose to look at … Continue reading System Map Experts

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Binoculars out, I'm scanning surroundings off and online, Nothing to do with me, this season is about internal cleaning, foundations and meanings and who I think I am. / Dying wants. Clear needs. Separation. Purity. / We don't need flyers, don't need likes or follows, chasing wet paper, words insignificant, emotional points hollow. I thought … Continue reading Subscribe Buttons

Voyage Planning

Packed, only one person can go, only one accounted for. As much as I want to put our tickets together, it's impossible. Rules and compliance on a personal scale, separately weighed in. Can't drag anyone, rude and disrespectful plus, they must come on their own. Please come home with me. Please choose to believe. Get … Continue reading Voyage Planning